Not Much Has Changed Since Past Eras

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I came upon this image and thought it was interesting because it demonstrates the transition of gender role and the branches of neoliberalism. Even though women were a huge factor in the workforce during the second world war, women were still seen inferior than men. The image above shows how women are being hired as sexual objects in order to get consumers to buy. The picture emulates the era of the 1950’s to the present by illustrating how women cannot run a business or be in a position of power. As discussed by Professor Sze, women, till this day, receive less work pay than do men. Women have tremendously progressed and achieved many goals, but are still affected by gender stereotypes that act as a shadow on their figure.

This image can be tied to the article,¬†Color Blind Racism, by, Bonilla-silva, where a new form of discrimination emerges against minorities. In Silva’s article, African Americans are discriminated by not being offered a good neighborhood to live in, getting taxed higher than whites, and other ways of maintaining blacks below on the status quo. In correlation with the article, the image above is discriminating against women by not offering them jobs that men would normally get(high position jobs).

Silva’s article and the picture above exemplify the urge of man to maintain minorities under them by indirectly being racist. The image above also portrays the role of women as a sex toy which has not changed in contemporary times. The role of women as sex toys demonstrates the fact that women should be used for personal benefit.

I believe that the image represents gender racialization because it correlates weakness and simplicity towards women. Sometimes I feel like this is how today’s society is and sometimes I feel like this needs to change. In my opinion, I think that women are as important and as capable as men are.

What other forms of racialization have been expressed in today’s society? Why do you think these forms need to be eliminated?


Mankind’s version of genesis

Humans have developed ways to emerge as the predominant species on this planet, but the real question lies on how we manage them, whether for good or for evil. We can visualize here how humans have been able to manipulate technology for their own benefit, as seen in The Body Electric, and how these sort of alterations cause chaos. This is evident in how the government denies the fact that they are not involved in projects, but evidently it is contrasted by the struggle of America trying to be the top dog. The concept of disability is positive here because people are being treated regardless of their disability. There is also a grim atmosphere that we might be creating a haunted America on a whole other level. Who knows, we might be causing our own destruction. How far will we allow technology to go?