Act like a women think like a man: Steve Harvey

This video brings about a problem in todays society of women being intimidating to men because they are successful and can do it all. In class we have talked about how men put down women and make them seem as though they are just objects, now this video takes it into a different aspect. Now women are threatening mens power of being the provider, the protector, being the things they feared the most which was that women are now doping the things men do and now they have  no say or control over women. Because these women have power due to financial reasons, the men are now seen as weak as if the roles have switched. In Bayton’s text, it states that white men created disabilities for women if they attempted to better themselves to ensure that they will be a stay at home wife. They feared of a new tomorrow land that will consist of women being like men and having well paying jobs and making men seem as though they are not wanted, therefore they pursue a women who needs a man to provide for her. Do you agree with this ? What is your take on successful women who are powerful due to financial reasons?


Steve Harvey and American Dream

In this video Steve Harvey is asked about the american dream, who can attain it, and has he made it. For me i say that the american dream is achieving your goals to what you want in life be. It is not what society is based it to become, or what others have said what it is. America is diverse and nothing really captures the meaning of what this culture is about, so how can one dream capture what everyone wants to achieve in life. The american goal to me are life goals on sets for themselves. To achieve those goals one must fight, work, put in overtime, and believe even when no one sees it for you, you must see it for yourself. Just as what professor Sze stated in class, a self made american dream. Also Horatio Alger hits on the point that one must fight for what they want and improve upon self top achieve their desired goal. With so much going on today, what is the societies american dream, and if you want, what is the american dream to you ?

Rachel Carson Silent Springs

Silent Spring is an environmental science book written by Rachel Carson and published in 1962. Carson wrote this book to inform the people of the harm pesticides had when being sprayed in the air, on water, crops, and even people. By doing this, she faced criticism from other organizations she hurt and other scientists as well, most of them being white men. They criticized her work, saying that what she stated was wrong, stating she is just a women and does not know the content of what she said. All things are ways that the white men tried to keep Carson down and from hurting the organizations and hurting the white imperialistic males. But it did not stop her from pursing what she believed was right and that was stopping the use of pesticide DDT. During this time, a book called Feminine Mystique was written by, Betty Friedan. This book was about women being unhappy with their lives as married housewives. Now she wants them to find themselves and stray away from the norms like Rachel Carson did. Find yourself and become what you want to become, take time to find out what you want to be, just like the men did. Rachel Carson was apart of a movement that allowed women to advance in their lives and become something more than just housewives. Is this the foundation of women making a stand in America?

racialization of ghettos

Ghettos are a places that have, “(1) physical isolation characterized
 by race (or ethnicity) and
 class; (2) extreme poverty; (3) low employment opportunities and
 labor force participation; (4) low adult education levels; (5) high levels of crime, dilapidated
 housing and
 general environmental deterioration; (6) inadequate educational, health, social and
other human services; (7) low levels of social organization; (8) and
social and
cultural isolation”. The reason why is to keep those cities away from the higher economic classes and to keep these cities from prospering and obtaining a way out. Dependent on where these areas are located, for a type of race, sends a racial profile for the entire race as a whole. Ghettos were designed to keep races in those areas and allow whites to be with other whites; racially creating areas for different races and social class. For example, we all know of the high class areas in the U.S. to be mainly whites and the low income areas of hood, ghetto, to be mainly other races like black or mexican. We do not assume that it could be the the way around because of the way life is in the U.S. for races that are not white. In the article stated above, it states that, “the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) which developed
ʺconfidential city surveys and
appraiserʹs manuals with ʺovertly racist categories …[that] channeled
 almost all of the loan money toward
 whites and
 away from communities of color.ʺ (Lipsitz 2000:351‑352)” . Enforcing laws that make it almost impossible for a way of escape to better ones self. In these ghettos, do you believe there is a way out to live a better life?

National Anthem

The national anthem is the american song as some will say. Some will even go further to say that it brings joy to those who are “American” because of what the wars and hardships. When the national anthem is played differently, it definitely sparks tensions among the US. Just like the Jimmie Hendricks video in class that we watched, the artist played the song in a new way that exposes the reality of the national anthem which is the destructiveness that occurred. Marvin Gaye is singing the national anthem in his way that everyone there at the arena knows him for. I support his decision because it shows the diversity of America and what the national anthem is supposed to be. Sung differently by all but still the same lyrics and meaning. The national anthem is apart of the america life, and is what makes America, America. It is a sacred thing that no one should tamper with in other perspectives, and to some, they do not care, as long as it has the lyrics. The national anthem meaning does not change just because it is sung in a different way. If it is, it just expresses the diversity of the land that America is not just about whites, but composed of other races that make America. That the American national anthem is a diverse song consisting of many races that live the american lifestyle. My question is when first hearing the new version of the national anthem, what is your immediate reaction and what is your reaction and feeling at the end? To be honest at first i did not think it was the national anthem but hearing it i did enjoy the  song. I probably would not like standing up that long but I definitely would be dancing and grooving. Also what is the correct way the national anthem should be sung in your perspective?

American Empire

This link goes into detail about the America Empire and how it came about. Also signifying the control the US has over other countries that was given to them at a price range or that they annexed. In those countries that have civilization, besides Alaska and Hawaii, they can not vote and do not have a say in the making of laws. They are overruled by congress even though it is american land and that they are considered citizens, yet if they want to vote they have to go through legal citizenship process. America is a controlling place to live in whether we realize it or not. We live our daily lives being controlled about what we should buy, how we should be, and what we should strive for. America as a whole, corrupts lives and transforms them into the american icon of what they should become. Striving to be something they do not want to become, yet they are so confused that they think that it is what they want. With America controlling other countries and having control over uninhabited islands, expands the US lands and brings them closer to trying to take over the world. The land we live in promotes freedom, but I believe that America wants to control everything and become the top nation. The question is how much is america controlling and are we ourselves who are in the US being controlled rite now?