Steve Harvey and American Dream

In this video Steve Harvey is asked about the american dream, who can attain it, and has he made it. For me i say that the american dream is achieving your goals to what you want in life be. It is not what society is based it to become, or what others have said what it is. America is diverse and nothing really captures the meaning of what this culture is about, so how can one dream capture what everyone wants to achieve in life. The american goal to me are life goals on sets for themselves. To achieve those goals one must fight, work, put in overtime, and believe even when no one sees it for you, you must see it for yourself. Just as what professor Sze stated in class, a self made american dream. Also Horatio Alger hits on the point that one must fight for what they want and improve upon self top achieve their desired goal. With so much going on today, what is the societies american dream, and if you want, what is the american dream to you ?


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