Act like a women think like a man: Steve Harvey

This video brings about a problem in todays society of women being intimidating to men because they are successful and can do it all. In class we have talked about how men put down women and make them seem as though they are just objects, now this video takes it into a different aspect. Now women are threatening mens power of being the provider, the protector, being the things they feared the most which was that women are now doping the things men do and now they have  no say or control over women. Because these women have power due to financial reasons, the men are now seen as weak as if the roles have switched. In Bayton’s text, it states that white men created disabilities for women if they attempted to better themselves to ensure that they will be a stay at home wife. They feared of a new tomorrow land that will consist of women being like men and having well paying jobs and making men seem as though they are not wanted, therefore they pursue a women who needs a man to provide for her. Do you agree with this ? What is your take on successful women who are powerful due to financial reasons?


One thought on “Act like a women think like a man: Steve Harvey

  1. Speaking as a female, I in no way wish this sentiment to be true. I can’t speak for men, but I do believe that this misogynist sentiment is changing among younger men and there has been an increase in male feminists. There has been a lot of rapid change in laws that create greater equality and those laws are largely influenced by the current views and beliefs of the people. If men continue to feel threatened, they could negatively change laws that affect women’s rights. I hope more men don’t view women’s success and equality as a threat to their masculinity in their ability to provide, but instead view it as extra security for their household. Women shouldn’t have to worry about being too successful. Men should be rooting for them to succeed, not making them feel like they shouldn’t.


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