racialization of ghettos


Ghettos are a places that have, “(1) physical isolation characterized
 by race (or ethnicity) and
 class; (2) extreme poverty; (3) low employment opportunities and
 labor force participation; (4) low adult education levels; (5) high levels of crime, dilapidated
 housing and
 general environmental deterioration; (6) inadequate educational, health, social and
other human services; (7) low levels of social organization; (8) and
social and
cultural isolation”. The reason why is to keep those cities away from the higher economic classes and to keep these cities from prospering and obtaining a way out. Dependent on where these areas are located, for a type of race, sends a racial profile for the entire race as a whole. Ghettos were designed to keep races in those areas and allow whites to be with other whites; racially creating areas for different races and social class. For example, we all know of the high class areas in the U.S. to be mainly whites and the low income areas of hood, ghetto, to be mainly other races like black or mexican. We do not assume that it could be the the way around because of the way life is in the U.S. for races that are not white. In the article stated above, it states that, “the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) which developed
ʺconfidential city surveys and
appraiserʹs manuals with ʺovertly racist categories …[that] channeled
 almost all of the loan money toward
 whites and
 away from communities of color.ʺ (Lipsitz 2000:351‑352)” . Enforcing laws that make it almost impossible for a way of escape to better ones self. In these ghettos, do you believe there is a way out to live a better life?


One thought on “racialization of ghettos

  1. As you touch on in your post, there is definitely some hegemonic ideologies behind the rationalization of ghettos such that “[w]e do not assume that it could be the the way around”, and minorities are traditionally thought of as the residents found in ghettos. Personally, I believe there is a way out of ghettos and class hierarchies. There are many billionaires and famous icons in today’s culture who didn’t have a favorable upbringing in any sense, but were able to overcome the “ghetto”. I’m not sure exactly what it takes to rise from life in a ghetto (beyond hard work, dedication, etc.), but it’s certainly possible and part of that step is to uncover the hegemonic ideologies in place which make it seem that “it’s the way life is” in order to rise above.


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