Rachel Carson Silent Springs

Silent Spring is an environmental science book written by Rachel Carson and published in 1962. Carson wrote this book to inform the people of the harm pesticides had when being sprayed in the air, on water, crops, and even people. By doing this, she faced criticism from other organizations she hurt and other scientists as well, most of them being white men. They criticized her work, saying that what she stated was wrong, stating she is just a women and does not know the content of what she said. All things are ways that the white men tried to keep Carson down and from hurting the organizations and hurting the white imperialistic males. But it did not stop her from pursing what she believed was right and that was stopping the use of pesticide DDT. During this time, a book called Feminine Mystique was written by, Betty Friedan. This book was about women being unhappy with their lives as married housewives. Now she wants them to find themselves and stray away from the norms like Rachel Carson did. Find yourself and become what you want to become, take time to find out what you want to be, just like the men did. Rachel Carson was apart of a movement that allowed women to advance in their lives and become something more than just housewives. Is this the foundation of women making a stand in America?


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