Modern Technology and How We are Defined by it

Smartphones are definitely a marvel of technology. They essentially bring the world within our reach at all times. But what  does this mean in terms of how we live our lives? In this article Carolyn Gregoir takes a look at a recent study of phone usage and analyzes what it means in terms of our social behavior. She quotes Dr. Sally Andrews with, “The fact that we use our phones twice as many times as we think we do indicates that a lot of smartphone use seems to be habitual, automatic behaviors that we have no awareness of.” While not an exact copy, this finding is similar to the behavior we saw with De La Pena’s The Body Electric. While De La Pena focuses on the more private side of technology, this article takes a look at what technology is like in everyday life and that quote shows how intertwined we’ve become with technology. Despite the differences of where they are used, both texts show us our natural attraction toward new technology. I definitely agree that smartphone usage is an interesting text on who we are, along with article’s statement that whether the effects of this are positive or not remains to be seen. Regardless of this, it is a fact that we are drawn to the new and exotic and that it plays a major role in telling a story about our modern society. What do you think? Has the presence of smartphones had any adverse benefits or consequences you can think of?


One thought on “Modern Technology and How We are Defined by it

  1. I think technology and how dependent our society is on it, it very interesting. I agree that most people are not even aware of how often they are on their smartphones. We rely so heavily on not just technology in general, but smartphones in particular. It is really affecting how people interact with each other. It is not uncommon to meet people online and get to know them through texting and instant message before you even meet the person face to face. Smartphones also decrease the need physically talking to people, all you have to do is “shoot them a text.” But in a place of work, phone calls are still necessary and I think that younger generations are going to be unable to make phone calls soon, or if they do it will cause people great anxiety. This used to be a major form of communication amongst people worldwide, but because of technology and smartphones, we are moving towards a written society. We type our text messages and emails and very rarely actually call each other anymore. I think talking on the phone is a lost art and that verbal communication is extremely necessary, despite having convenient smartphones to “do the talking” for us.


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