Handicaped Because of a Handicap?

In an article from the New York Times that I came across today, I saw something that was quite repulsive in my opinion. There was a study done by a University to determine if employers discriminated against applicants who had disabilities. The outcome showed that employers avoided qualified applicants because they disclosed that they had some form of disability on their application.

This type of discrimination brings me back to the Baynton reading that talked about discrimination in the form of disabilities. Even though this situation is different, the American people are still trying to use disabilities to disqualify a person from doing something that they want to do. Overall we still cannot manage as a nation to treat all people equally.

Do you feel that a person with a disability could justifiably be denied a job even if it isn’t one that would hinder their ability to perform the necessary tasks for the job?



One thought on “Handicaped Because of a Handicap?

  1. Personally, I feel that the only way a disabled person could be justifiably denied from a position that they are physically qualified for is if they were mentally or psychologically not ready for that position. It would be unfair for a company to deny a disabled person if they have all of the qualifications necessary for the job. I believe that if they have the ability to complete the task, they should be considered evenly and equally as everyone else.


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