Whites Only Jury


The argument made by The Editorial Board in their work, “Excluding Blacks from Juries,” is that prosecutors purposely exclude African Americans from juries in which an African American is being prosecuted. More specifically, in a 1987 case, of a black man killing a white woman, the prosecutors purposely excluded jurors because they were black, as a result he was sentenced to death. They write, “state prosecutors have denied that race was a factor in their decision.” In this passage, they suggest that prosecutors hid and lied about their racial discrimination, even when the notes were released and “each black potential juror’s name is highlighted in green and marked with a B” with a definite “NO” beside it. This example of racial discrimination is similar to Bonilla’s “Colorblind Racism” where obvious racial discrimination is no longer legal but discriminatory actions still take place, like not showing African Americans houses in white neighborhoods. I believe this type of racism still occurs everywhere today.

Do you still see examples of obscured racism?


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