“More Women,” Gender Ideology, and Leadership

The general argument made by Alex Holder and Alyssa Boni in their work, Elle UK “more women,” is that there are few women are at the top positions in politics, business, entertainment and media. More specifically, Holder and Boni aim calling for more women to be in higher, more powerful, and more visible positions in all the industries.

The argument presented by this cultural artifact, a short video photoshops out all the men from pictures of groups of leaders in many industries, is gender ideology, leadership and individualism.

Holder and Boni both address the issue we have discussed of the contradiction between being an American and a woman. They are similar in this way: women is less involved in politics, business, entertainment, and media is because women are typically dependent, not strong, excessive in emotions, etc..

Do you agree that the reason why there are less women shown in those industries is because the typical impression of women?


One thought on ““More Women,” Gender Ideology, and Leadership

  1. I agree that because of the impressions we install on women is the fact that we as a nation are hurting america. We are keeping down the role women have in this world and taking away their americanness from furthering the america as a whole that promotes togetherness.


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