American Imperialism/ The Simpsons

American exceptionalism/ Imperialism

American Exceptionalism/ Imperialism

The general argument made by the creators of the Simpsons in this logo, is that America has no problem with taking over the entire world. More specifically, the Simpson’s creators argue that nobody can even stop the US from engulfing the entire world in its imperialistic ways. This is shown by how the shirt states, “try and stop us,” as well as having a figure portrayed as Uncle Sam holding the entire globe. In this image, Simpsons creators are suggesting that the US (represented by Uncle Sam) will dominate the globe, and nobody can stop it. In conclusion, their belief is that eventually the US will retain all power of the globe and Americans are too good to be stopped.

The argument presented by this T-shirt logo, is again that the US will expand and take control of the entire globe . The creators of the Simpsons, make that argument through imagery and a short phrase. They also aired this on a very “American” show, where many of the comments and instances are very racist and if someone not from the US watched it, they would probably be very offended by what is said on the show about other races and the US in general.

The image and phrase both address the issues we have discussed in class about American Imperialism and American Exceptionalism.The American Imperialism and the Exceptionalism are both portrayed by the picture and the phrase. In one aspect, it is shown that Uncle Sam is taking the globe for himself, and the other hints that he kind of deserves it and thinks nobody can stop him. This portrays that the creators think that the US should or will take over the whole world and be proud of the power they gain.

In my view, and after reading many of the texts in class, I think the creators of the Simpsons think the same as I do, where the US is taking over much of the world slowly by establishing armies, installing nuclear sites, aiming weapon force at other areas of the globe, and “owning” parts of the world. More specifically, I believe that it is true that the US is taking over the world and gaining a lot of unnecessary power over everyone including those already in the US. For example, budget cuts have left US Americans depending on the government, and the war in Iraq had left the Iraqi people dependent on the US forces. The US seems to always have its hands in a different situation where others must depend on them. Although most might object that the US has gone too far in expanding their powers, I think that the US is going too far and not concentrating on the American people it currently has, but solely on expanding and getting bigger. Another idea that relates to McDonaldization where it is more about quantity than quality.  Do you guys think that the US should be expanding and American Exceptionalism is a good thing, or should the US forces be thinking more about home?


One thought on “American Imperialism/ The Simpsons

  1. I believe that American Exceptionalism is the driving force for why us Americans are so involved in global affairs and economic prosperity. Since the Frontier, for example, we have been heavily involved in a pursuit of being a ‘dominant’ nation. Even though the Frontier closed down in the late 19th century, our empirical ideas persisted through the century a few years later with the Roosevelt presidency. Although this idea still persists with us to this day, I do not think that the physical military force will have that large of an impact as it did in the late 1800’s. I believe that the modern vision of American Exceptionalism is more related to capitalism and creating more financial opportunities through trade rather than brute force. I think that Expansionalism is a bad thing, however, it will continue to occur domestically and internationally as long as there is something that appeals to the eye of us Americans.


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