U.S. Troops to the Rescue

This video is concerning the U.S. plan to send American troops into Syria. In an effort to explore the situation from the ground and be the eyes and ears for the U.S. With the information they gather they will advise the U.S. military on what further action should be taken. In the beginning of the video they say that “dozens of troops” are being sent over. The terminology used presents this as a large movement, but with less than 50 troops being moved, it is relatively small. These 50 troops are acting as a special advisory force to observe the happenings in Syria. However, some are concerned with the effects of having troops being moved to Syria at all, in fear of another Iraq invasion. The U.S. troops are going over to serve as advisors for the rebel groups fighting ISIS and gain valuable information for the U.S. military, not as ground support for these groups. Some say that it is completely not necessary to have troop there to gain information, others disagree and say that to get an accurate account of the happenings in Syria, we need to have people there to physically observe what is happening.
With the cautious number of troops being sent into Syria, it should not be concern about another full fledged invasion. It is a matter of national security and pride. The US is a world super power and yields a great deal of military control. There is no more credible source than our own American troops and I believe that to obtain the necessary information, that is the most effective way. Any discrepancies in information can cause critical consequences for the American troops and the rebellious groups in Syria. They do not have the resources that our troops have and could benefit from our experienced advisors. The small number of special forces sent should not be a threat due to the nature of their deployment.


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