The Multiple Roles of Women

In Where the Girls Are, the author, Susan Douglas, argues that American girls, particularly in the baby boomer generation, have always been expected to maintain several contradictory roles. For example, on page 26 she says it, “…often seemed that being a real American and a real girl at the same time required the skills of a top- notch contortionist.” She is arguing that the ideal American women is almost impossible, in that she is expected to be many different things.

In the cultural artifact, Ryan Seacrest argues that women change their minds more than men, while Ariana Grande challenges him and says that men and women change their minds equally.

Both the Ryan Seacrest artifact and the Douglas text illustrate the idea of women being contradictory. However, in the Douglas text she presents the idea of women as contradictory but because of the multiple roles that are expected of women from society while Seacrest presents it as a negative stereotype about women, and that they are simply inherently contradictory.

In my view, Douglas was correct in attributing the multiple personalities to a societal expectation of women, and Seacrest was wrong for ignorantly ignoring the social influence that women face, and creating a generalization about all women that of course is impossible. Do you think that the expectation of playing an impossible amount of roles for women has become more normalized or less?


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