Why does Hegemony ideology persist?

In one of our discussions we spoke about Lawn People by Paul Robbins. One of the topics we discussed was the Hegemony Ideology and how that had a big impact on why a majority of the people did the things that they did. Time has passed and people have gotten more educated, so why does Hegemony still persist? Is it passed down from generation to generation? This may be one of the main reasons, but it may also be that being your own self is too much work for people. Going out and being a leader is stressful for most, so they give up without really trying much. It’s a lot more easier for people to see a group of others doing something and decide that’s what they want to do; whether it’s how they act, dress, or live. In the song In My Dreams by Kid Cudi, he ends it by speaking about people not wanting to be leaders in this time and age and how people much rather just follow others. He claims that people don’t stand up to the system that controls us, meaning the hegemonic ideology that we all live by, because it is a threat to the system. One thing that strikes me is that people know that we live under this ideology that makes us do most of the things that we do, but people have such a hard time spreading this. What is one way we could make others more aware of this Ideology and help them break out of this subliminal control they live by?


2 thoughts on “Why does Hegemony ideology persist?

  1. I think the answer is much more complicated than simply destroying hegemony because it has been such an ingrained part of society for so many hundreds of years and has been passed down through so many generations. It is also nearly impossible for a person to form their own opinions and ideas about something without the influence of the people or environments around them. However, if more people in this world could adopt the view that every person, no matter the color of their skin, their gender, or their mental or physical abilities, is part of the same species and is therefore important, we will eventually move away from having hegemonic ideologies. Once we can accomplish that it will be so much easier for people to have free and open minds and become leaders of their own ideas on how to change the world for the better. It’s really just about teaching the future generations how to be a decent human so we can live the best lives we can in a newly accepting society.


  2. I agree with ceofarrell on this matter. Ridding a society of hegemony is much easier said than done. I believe that hegemony is passed down from generation. This would be how it became so ingrained into our society. We are taught by our parents and if that’s the only thing we hear, it essentially becomes natural and true. Even if people did really want to bring about change, the equally puzzling question of, “what next” still lies ahead. Though of course it is important to take things one step at a time in order to bring about change. One of the most important issues we need to address in order to move forward as a society is to accept our inherent differences open our minds to new ideas. Unfortunately people simply are too complacent to bring about this colossal change. I’m sure a solid amount of people simply aren’t speaking out because they don’t have an answer for what comes afterward. People need a tangible goal to work towards words of a vague ideal society isn’t enough to stir the masses to action.


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