Made in America

In lecture we have talked extensively about what makes up an American. Some argue that it is not what an American looks like thats important, but how they act and what they say. Americans have a strong sense of national pride. The song Made In America by Toby Keith reflects the opinions of many Americans’. He says that “every day is independence day” inferring that America lives up to its nickname as the Land of the Free.” The song also talks about how Americans are willing to spend a little extra money in a store “for a tag that says U.S.A.” to show their faithfulness to our nation. However, not everyone is willing to pay those extra few dollars for products that are made in America. Imported products are often times cheaper, but the American economy is effected when the demand for American products decreases. Our society is to worried about finding the best price to realize how much we rely on imported products. The song is reminding us to take pride in our nation and to spend those few extra dollars for products made in America. As it simultaneously voices the opinion of many Americans. A lot can be learned about American culture just by listening to the words of a song.


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