The Invisibility of Disabled People in America

Since reading Douglas C. Baynton’s passage on disability discrimination and its relation to racism and sexism, I began to think about the other ways in which people with disabilities are publicly ignored and not given the rights they deserve. I found that this week in Vermont, a disabled man had been wrongfully held in prison past his sentence because the state does not have adequate transitional housing for disabled persons released from incarceration. This lack of attention and resources given to people with disabilities can relate to the media and news outlets’ exclusion of the way people used use disabilities to justify racist and sexist comments and institutions in the twentieth century. This news reinforces the fact that our society in the United States has not made enough of an effort to provide people with disabilities the tools to live a fair and free life as this country has promised. In what other ways, then, are people with both mental and physical disabilities discriminated against and what will it take to get society to recognize them as people too?


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