Pledge on the Edge

American flag in math classroom

Being a non-citizen, it was certainly a hard task trying to blend into a middle school after transferring from China. From the first day, I was expected to stand up facing the flag, even if I did not memorize the Pledge, just so I appeared like everyone else. Before I was made aware that standing up signifies respect to the flag in a few weeks time, I believed in this set of actions and the Pledge as things needed for the approval of others and the luxury of fitting in. After learning about hegemonic ideologies, I looked back to realize how I have assumed doing the Pledge as intuition and even personalized my Pledge in high school to suit my religious belief. So here I ask you what was it like, for those who grew up with the Pledge? What do you think of the flags in every middle/high school classroom?


One thought on “Pledge on the Edge

  1. personally, I was born and raised in the united states and I have never thought of the pledge as something I shouldn’t have to do. From kindergarten on I have always done the pledge and I know why I do it too. Its not that we do it because its a habit or some form of ideology. I see it as a way of reminding people of why we love America and why we praise America as our country. “with liberty and justice for all” this is the reminder for each person that we have a country that cares about us, therefore we should care as well and show our respect through the pledge.

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