National Anthem

The national anthem is the american song as some will say. Some will even go further to say that it brings joy to those who are “American” because of what the wars and hardships. When the national anthem is played differently, it definitely sparks tensions among the US. Just like the Jimmie Hendricks video in class that we watched, the artist played the song in a new way that exposes the reality of the national anthem which is the destructiveness that occurred. Marvin Gaye is singing the national anthem in his way that everyone there at the arena knows him for. I support his decision because it shows the diversity of America and what the national anthem is supposed to be. Sung differently by all but still the same lyrics and meaning. The national anthem is apart of the america life, and is what makes America, America. It is a sacred thing that no one should tamper with in other perspectives, and to some, they do not care, as long as it has the lyrics. The national anthem meaning does not change just because it is sung in a different way. If it is, it just expresses the diversity of the land that America is not just about whites, but composed of other races that make America. That the American national anthem is a diverse song consisting of many races that live the american lifestyle. My question is when first hearing the new version of the national anthem, what is your immediate reaction and what is your reaction and feeling at the end? To be honest at first i did not think it was the national anthem but hearing it i did enjoy the  song. I probably would not like standing up that long but I definitely would be dancing and grooving. Also what is the correct way the national anthem should be sung in your perspective?


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