Haunted America and Ignorance Towards America’s Historical Downfalls

Recently, I have found myself attempting to identify modern day examples of the historical events that haunt our country but we choose to ignore in order to understand the meaning behind the reading “Haunted America.” I find it very interesting as to how the United States, with its world-wide perception as being a country for all races as well as the nation’s historical background with racism, could choose to ignore the monstrosity of historically racist events to believe that it is free of racism all together. I have often found that, through the study of history, countries repeat patterns and that it is important to remember the past in order to understand current culture, which is a main theme in “Haunted America.” The Billie Holiday song, “Strange Fruit,” went down in history as being one of the most revolutionary and controversial protest songs regarding lynching in the 1930s and had an intense effect on society in its fight against racism. Its words, “Southern trees bear strange fruit blood on the leaves and blood at the root black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees,” reminds its listeners of the violence and horror of the America’s behavior towards racism and its need for change. Holiday’s song, at the time, took both the true events and America’s historical pattern with racism to address an issue that needed to be changed just as Patricia Limerick reveals common themes in American history as well as address the issue of how America is haunted by their past. My question would be what other modern day behavior originates from the choice of ignoring America’s historical past in order to make the United States look better?


One thought on “Haunted America and Ignorance Towards America’s Historical Downfalls

  1. A behavior that still lingers from the past is the ongoing racism towards other races to another. Others view themselves as a superior race because of the White Supremacy engraving it into their minds that because white people displayed power over them and thought of themselves as the superior race, that made other races stand up and see themselves as that superior race as well. Cause hatred towards one another and and no trust. A world of peace can not happen if there is no trust.


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