An Old Solution to Solve a Modern Problem

As 2016 comes closer and closer, we will be hearing more from our presidential candidates. One of the more debatable topics is immigration. These past few months, we have been hearing some pretty extreme positions, which include getting rid of birthright citizenship, sending back thousands of undocumented workers, and being more restrictive on immigration. These attitudes make it feels like we are going back in time, when lawmakers wouldn’t allow certain ethnicities to enter theUnited States. The United States is a country full of and founded by immigrants and it is likely to always be this way, even children who watch School House Rock understand this. There is a need for immigration reform, but is going back a century the correct way to solve a modern problem?


One thought on “An Old Solution to Solve a Modern Problem

  1. Repeating history is never the correct way to solve a problem because it shows that we as a country did not learn the first time from this problem. Yes immigrants make up this country that is America and with the ideas of restricting immigrants just brings to light the racism of some candidates because they do not want a particular race in the US. Every race will be brought up of course but there is always one main race that is unwanted the most. If this still persists than history shall repeat.


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