American Empire

This link goes into detail about the America Empire and how it came about. Also signifying the control the US has over other countries that was given to them at a price range or that they annexed. In those countries that have civilization, besides Alaska and Hawaii, they can not vote and do not have a say in the making of laws. They are overruled by congress even though it is american land and that they are considered citizens, yet if they want to vote they have to go through legal citizenship process. America is a controlling place to live in whether we realize it or not. We live our daily lives being controlled about what we should buy, how we should be, and what we should strive for. America as a whole, corrupts lives and transforms them into the american icon of what they should become. Striving to be something they do not want to become, yet they are so confused that they think that it is what they want. With America controlling other countries and having control over uninhabited islands, expands the US lands and brings them closer to trying to take over the world. The land we live in promotes freedom, but I believe that America wants to control everything and become the top nation. The question is how much is america controlling and are we ourselves who are in the US being controlled rite now?


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