More medicine = healthier America?

As I was trying to get to on another person’s post, pharmaceutical companies and doctors today are ruling the world. As I stated about autism in my other comment, I, while having my own physical issues, have noticed how much people have to jump through hoops to get the medical help that is actually necessary today. As the article states, people today are prescribed more and more supplements to take, and this is actually harming the body. It is the same with prescription medicine. I went in for a knee injury and have been prescribed 3 different types of medications without them knowing what is really wrong with my knee. Medicine is the most important, prevalent, and notoriously scheming industry in the US today in my opinion. Also, with medicines, every time a new medicine comes out, it is almost always more expensive whether or not it has any health benefits over the other old treatment. Pharmaceutical companies prove that the US is just a capitalist society that’s more focused on money than the good of the nation as a whole.  Has anyone else heard of cases where people get prescribed medicines and they either end up damaging their organs or just getting worse? What can we do?


3 thoughts on “More medicine = healthier America?

  1. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States are in the business of money. Their number one priority definitely lies in their annual income versus the benefits of their products. Just recently news broke about the rights of a medication related to AIDS being sold to a CEO, he hiked the price of the medication so dramatically that it became inaccessible to most patients. For the focus to shift from money to the actual well being of patients does not seem plausible in our society since money comes before everything.


  2. I agree with your point that medical corporations are focusing more on profits than patient care. I think that in some ways our capitalist society is to blame for this issue. If a medical practice does not make enough money it will be forced out of business by competitors, causing doctors to focus on the quantity of patients they treat rather than the quality of care they deliver. After working in a medical office, I have seen how medication can be used as a tool for profit. Patients come in wanting to feel better and a prescription can soothe their pain and ensure their continued business.


  3. I also agree with your point. I feel as though today people are turning to medicine too quickly. Instead of turning to exercise or healthier eating habits, people have begun to take pills, supplements and other types of medications for almost everything. This practice is very dangerous because their are so many side effects and bodily damages that can come from using these medications. I also agree that medications are used for capitalistic benefits. It is very unfortunate, and I think the only thing we can really do is to try to practice healthy living so that we can avoid these medical issues in the first place.


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