Modern Opinion of Neoliberalism/Capitalism

When I heard the song “New Americana” by Halsey, I was struck by the name of the song: “New Americana”. The video above tells of a dystopian future, matched with lyrics (also linked) that seem to explain what the “New Americana” really is. Looking at the lyrics paired with the dystopian video, one might say that she is arguing that capitalist ideologies (specifically seen in her lyrics “Survival of the richest”, “Hamptons bound”, “the city’s ours until the fall”, etc.) that currently make up the “New Americana” mindset will only create destruction. I began thinking about the prominence of neoliberalism (a globalized embrace of the “free market” system) in society, and whether the capitalist ideologies that it perpetuates are leading us to disaster.  Do you think that popular opinion of neoliberalism and capitalist ideologies is changing to be more negative? How so, and why?


One thought on “Modern Opinion of Neoliberalism/Capitalism

  1. This was a very powerful video. I feel that the video speaks for itself even without lyrics. As generations go on, there are more and more concepts that are thought of as socially acceptable, but the government has so much control over us that it doesn’t really matter what most society thinks is socially acceptable. It is just not our decision. As the song mentioned about marijuana. It is socially and statewide acceptable in places such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, etc, but if the government were to come in, the overall rule in the US is that it is illegal. The government still has this hold on the people of the US and there’s not much we can do about it but fight the small wars that arise from issues pertaining to the culture shift (as seen in the video when she was freed). To respond to the question, i don’t think neoliberalism or capitalism is changing and becoming more negative, I simply think that society is changing so things that used to seem bad in society are cultural norms now. This is what is causing a negative outlook on the government.


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