Racism/ Haunted America

One of the most prevalent readings that I keep coming back to is Racism without Racists. I think that this concept of somewhat ignoring what is wrong in the world pops up in many different aspects of culture. For example it related a lot to Hunted America because here the author was talking much like we have ignored our past and we pretend that the monstrosities that occurred, didn’t happen and people today don’t put much though into it. Just as they do the same with racism. I Think that 2 separate American events should not be the same especially when America was supposed to be this “melting pot” and be where everyone has freedom despite race, gender, religion, etc. My source outside of class was at http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jan/26/do-not-see-race-ignoring-racism-not-helping. It was very similar to racism without racists and had the same concept and argument. My question is, how did these prejudices come about and why is it mainly a racial thing, not against some other aspect of human culture?


One thought on “Racism/ Haunted America

  1. It’s ironic how the idea of a melting pot had intended to provide social relief from race differences and unite the United States as one, but it simply created more issues. In class we saw the School House Rock video on the melting pot, but even that video stereotyped different cultures and races. I see the ties between Racism without Racists and Haunted America, and there is no justifiable evidence to why ignoring the past provides more unity and hope for social equality for the present and future. I think that these prejudices come from a combination of racial and cultural inferences. It is easy to identify someone’s race externally based on the tone of their skin, but to truly understand one’s beliefs and upbringing, you need more information about the person to tie them to the culture. For the racist, it is much easier to generalize stereotypes based on one’s skin color rather than getting to know their cultural background.


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